Let Your Data Work For You

The marketing, merchandising, and transaction data you need to run every aspect of your online business in one place.

Data to run your business, not your website.

Jirafe connects directly with your eCommerce platform to bring your sales and order data together with your website data, giving you 100% exact numbers.

No more wasting time taking data from multiple sources to understand your business.

See your business in a whole new way.

Deep Merchandising Knowledge

Jirafe uses your offline product categorizations so your merchandisers, buyers, and planners can get the information they need every day. Your store is only as good as its products - make sure you're investing in the right ones.

Marketing Attribution Done Right

Jirafe automatically identifies traffic sources and can follow your tagging system to display your marketing campaigns as you expect to see them. Drill into each channel to see what drives its success. Understand your customers at every touch point.

Data Driven Business Decisions

Jirafe integrates with your e-commerce platform to get the most accurate transaction data. No more looking at multiple data sources to make sense of your online sales numbers. Our analytics help you run your business, not just your website.

Jirafe is built for everyone.

See what customers are buying in real time.

Which of my categories are working right?

We know that in addition to your best selling products, you also want to keep on top of the performance of each of your categories. So we provide that breakdown as well directly in our main dashboard.

Now you can easily see which categories are driving revenue today and how they contribute to the overall revenue of the business.

See your business at a glance.

What's not selling and how much revenue are we losing right now?

We know that in addition to looking at your sales and order data you are equally obsessed about how to make the business grow.

So we tell you how much revenue customers are leaving behind and which specific products are driving the most abandoned revenue.

Plan for the wave of orders about to hit your team.

How many orders are coming in across which categories and products?

You need to know more than just how many orders are coming into the business.

You want to know what categories, suppliers, vendors or products are being most heavily ordered.

And you need to manage across multiple warehouses around the country to satisfy demand.

cus·tom·er serv·ice

noun 1. the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

The definition makes it sound pretty easy. Just help the people who are trying to buy your company’s products. But in reality it is harder than that. In a world where your customer’s data sits across multiple systems and requires multiple log-ins it is not always easy to help the customer straight away.

We try to help by making it easy to see every order that came in through your commerce systems. And when you find that order you can click to see the details of that order straight away. We thought that made the most sense.

See every marketing channel in one place in detail.

Tell me how every single marketing activity we launched today is doing. In one place.

That is the basics. But you want to know.

And the performance of all of your social marketing activity.

And all of your affiliate network.

And every coupon code you have shared on the web.

Keeping up to date with your online business just got easier.

Some people think this is a pretty easy job. You just have to put on your suit and tie and relax on your big comfortable chair while everyone else does the real work. We know life is different. You worry more than everyone less. You work harder than mostly everyone in the company. And you might even be the owner of the company.

So we try to make it easier for you to keep a pulse on your business with our real time dashboard.

Available on your desktop, tablet or PC so wherever life takes you.

We ♥ Our Customers

Some of the companies we've helped make better data-driven business decisions:

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